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Air Conditioning Servicing

More than 90% of cars sold this year had air conditioning systems fitted as standard. The system cools the passenger cabin during warm weather and helps de-mist in winter by removing excess moisture in damp conditions.

Whilst the modern air conditioning system is both efficient and reliable, it requires perodical servicing and maintenance in order to maintain its performance. Almost all manufacturers now recommend an annual air conditioning service.

Many car owners do not appreciate that if an air conditioning system is not correctly maintained, there is a risk of system damage or total failure. Most air conditioning equipped vehicles use a common drive belt system to power the air conditioning compressor. If an air conditioning compressor seizes due to lack of maintenance the subsequent drive belt failure will stop the vehicle.

We are fully equipped with the very latest air conditioning servicing equipment and our technicians are fully trained.

You can rest assured that we offer an efficient, economical and environmentally safe service of your air conditioning system.

Our Air Conditioning Servicing Check List:

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